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Grief is normal after a marriage ends: Get the support you need

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2017 | Divorce

Divorces cause many kinds of strain, from the emotional to the financial. While finances are worked out during the divorce proceedings, your emotional trauma isn’t. As a result, many people find themselves acting emotionally instead of considering the long-term implications of their choices.

Divorce is unsettling because it ends a relationship, changes your routine and complicates life. You may feel depressed, guilty, frustrated or anxious as a result. It’s normal to feel this way, just as it’s normal to feel angry, threatened or lonely.

What do you need to do to handle this emotional stress?

The first step is to grieve. Grief is absolutely normal. You might think it’s unusual to grieve the end of your marriage, but it is a kind of death in a way. The marriage is over, and you need to grieve to move forward in your life.

Instead of fighting grief or pushing down the feelings you have, focus on allowing yourself to take time to mourn your losses. How you grieve won’t be the same as anyone else, but know that you should focus on healing your body and mind now instead of trying to push through the pain.

After you grieve, cope with your emotions by focusing on your priorities. You still have things you need to do, so focus on putting them first. Do things that you need to get done, like chores or work, first. By focusing your efforts, you’ll work through the items you need to finish by making them a priority when the time comes. This will reduce your stress overall and make sure you’re not overwhelmed by your divorce. For support and more on divorce, you can click through to our website.


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