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An unfavorable child support order could haunt you for years

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2017 | Child Support

After a divorce, it goes without saying that your children’s financial needs must be met. It also goes without saying that you intend to always be there for your kids, financially, emotionally and otherwise.

But what role does child support play in your family law case? How do you know things will shake out in a way that is fair and affordable, whether you will be paying or receiving support? Be sure your rights are protected as your financial arrangements take shape, because a problematic child support order could cause you a great deal of trouble.

Connections and formulas

As you may know, Virginia child support is calculated according to formulas that take into account numerous factors like your income and your co-parent’s income, plus your custody arrangements. For your own protection, it is important to ensure that the right numbers and guidelines are used in your support case.

If you are ordered to pay too much child support, it may create a financial hardship for you in the future. If you end up receiving too little in child support, this could create difficulty for you and your children as you try to cover necessary expenses. It is possible to modify child support in the future, particularly if circumstances have changed, but it is much easier to establish the best possible arrangements now.

Child support is often inextricably connected to child custody, so get the help you need with custody and visitation matters. An experienced attorney can help you with these critically important issues for parents.

Litigating, settling or collaborating

Every divorce is difficult. Every custody and support matter should be handled with care. Your strategy may involve litigation, settling out of court, or using collaborative divorce methods. Get the legal advice you need before making any important decisions.



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