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Sometimes, victims are accused of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2018 | Domestic Violence

Verbal abuse is a kind of domestic abuse. It’s one form that has the potential to lead to physical violence, but it doesn’t necessarily result in physical violence every time.

Verbal abuse can be just as painful as a physical attack, and it can have lasting consequences for the victim. Notoriously, those who victimize others verbally often blame the victim, even when it’s their own behaviors that lead to an arrest or argument. For example, the abuser may claim that the other party was trying to start a fight or was trying to control him or her, leading to the abuseful behavior.

It’s important to understand that there is a point when victims may snap, too. It’s at this stage that it’s possible for the abuser to make allegations that could lead to a victim’s arrest. Violence does tend to lead to violence. For instance, after a year of being told you’re not good enough and being restricted by the other person, you may lash out, strike him or her or verbally abuse the other person back. It’s a defense mechanism, but it’s one that could be used against a victim. The abuser may then use that one-time outburst to claim that the other person is just as bad as he or she is.

With verbal abuse, it’s very easy for someone to say that it didn’t take place. It’s potentially an argument about what you’ve said to each other and allegations with little support. For that reason, anyone looking to make a complaint should retain as much evidence of verbal abuse as possible. Witness testimonies, copies of emails or text messages or other information can help. Even if you’re falsely accused, having proof that you’re truly the victim can help. Our site has more information on domestic violence and what to do if you face allegations of abuse.


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