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3 signs divorce could be on the horizon

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Divorce

Nearly every marriage contains some level of uncertainty. Many spouses find themselves on high alert for signs of infidelity, hidden assets or impending divorce. While this might seem like an unhealthy attitude, many experts suggest that, even subconsciously, numerous signs might point to trouble in the future.

While every marriage is unique, there are certain factors that could indicate that trouble is brewing, for example:

  • You are now simply roommates: It is not uncommon for married couples to grow more independent over the years. This can become unhealthy, though, if the marriage soon begins to resemble a friendly roommate arrangement. Different meals at different times, sleeping in different rooms, maintaining separate finances – these can be signs that you are doing more than simply drifting apart.
  • You notice a more secretive attitude: While it is healthy to maintain a certain sense of privacy in any relationship, if you notice your spouse adopting a more secretive attitude in numerous areas, it could be a red flag. If your spouse maintains a secret social media presence, continues deleting his or her browsing history, or puts new passwords on their phone, trouble might be on the horizon.
  • You find out about hidden assets: It is not uncommon for a spouse to maintain some spending money or a personal savings account so they can spend money without feeling as though they are short-changing the family. If, however, the spouse is secretive about it – actively hiding a savings account or a new credit card – it could mean that he or she is building independent finances in preparation for a divorce.

Some people are naturally private while others are naturally suspicious. Unfortunately, there is often no right mixture in a marriage. If attempts at communication have fallen apart and you begin noticing changes in your spouse such as the ones mentioned above, it could be an indication that you should seek the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.


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