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What do you do after an accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Personal Injury

Poor road conditions, cell phones and reckless driving are only a few of the reasons people sustain catastrophic injuries in car accidents. When an accident leaves a victim with thousands of dollars or more in costs, it is vital to receive the compensation you need to cover the costs.

Although there are no guarantees in a compensation claim, there are things you can do to improve your chances of getting the money you need to recover and move on. To help improve the outcome of your compensation claim, here are some tips you should follow after an accident:

Record footage of the accident scene

It can be hard to prove your point about what happened in the crash if you cannot explain things clearly. By taking pictures and video footage of the scene of the accident, you can better illustrate the events leading up to the crash and the aftermath.

Gather driver and witness information

To secure the compensation you need, make sure you get the identifying information of the other driver. Be sure to collect their name, license information, insurance information, car description and license plate so you can file any claims as necessary. It can also be very help to get names and contact information for any witnesses to the incident. Their observations can really help bolster your claim that the other driver was at fault.

Report the accident

Even if you do not think the accident was that serious, you should still report it to the police and your insurance. Your insurance company cannot do anything to offer you compensation for the crash unless they are aware of the incident, and the police will be able to help clean the accident and provide a police report for your claim when you call them.

See a doctor

There are many hidden injuries that can come from an accident. Your doctor can inspect your health to confirm the full extent of your injuries, their costs, and what kind of treatment you need. Following your doctor’s orders will also help avoid allegations that you made your injuries worse on your own.

Consult with an attorney

Insurance companies often try to get away with giving you a lowball settlement as a way to save money. Your lawyer can help you identify the full extent of your injuries, negotiate for the compensation you deserve and provide you with the money you need swiftly and efficiently.

Act fast after an accident

The steps you take following an accident can define the quality of your compensation. If you are unable to take some of these or other steps on your own behalf, your attorney may be able to act on your behalf. Make sure you are doing everything to earn the best possible outcome in your claim.


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