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June 2014 Archives

Plea deal reduces Virginia man's homicide charge to manslaughter

Can a drug dealer be held accountable for the death of a customer? Both engage in an illegal activity by selling and buying street drugs and know use of the drugs can be high risk. Evidence clarifies whether a dealer's role warrants criminal charges and how severe those charges are.

Settlement follows tense Podesta high asset divorce dispute

Court battles are stressful, even for ex-spouses with the financial resources to fight them. It's not just the prospect of facing an inflamed spouse that drives wealthy Virginia couples to settle their differences during divorce. Many Newport News couples, affluent and otherwise, simple want to move forward in peace -- cooperation is how that gets done.

Virginia man faces grand larceny charges over alleged sign thefts

A Virginia man is being charged with taking two signs dedicated to victims of the Sandy Hook school shootings. According to reports, the signs were located in Connecticut and New Jersey. Charges are pending against the man in those two states for grand larceny.

Virginia DUI defendant faces long prison term, deportation

A criminal defendant may never experience more stress than when he or she moves through the legal process. When charges are severe, a Newport News case may draw the attention of the media, adding to defendant's feeling of being isolated and overwhelmed. Criminal defense attorneys help defendants navigate the system and move toward the best legal result possible.

Plea deal shaves 22-year term to 20 days for Virginia man

Plea bargaining offers advantages for Newport News prosecutors and defendants. The commonwealth avoids wasting effort and time by resolving a case in pre-trial. A defendant's guilty plea may be exchanged for a reduction in charges, sentences or both.

Can Virginians celebrate divorce with parties?

There's a growing trend among the recently divorced, according to an AP news report. Spouses in Virginia and across the country are letting lose after divorces with celebratory bashes. One woman reportedly spent as much as $25,000 on her divorce party, which involved her father walking down the isle to reclaim her after giving her away 18 months earlier.

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