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September 2014 Archives

'Cooperative' Virginia drug user confesses fully, immediately

It doesn't matter whether you are suspected of a drug crime or you've been caught holding the bag. A criminal defense attorney would advise a Newport News defendant to say nothing and take no actions without the presence of a legal representative. Some defendants exercise their rights to remain silent to the fullest, while others blurt out a confession before they understand the serious consequences they might face.

Corruption criminal defense falls short for ex-governor, wife

A conviction on public corruption charges can be a game-ender for a politician. The former governor of Virginia and his wife, Bob and Maureen McDonnell, recently were found guilty of a total of 20 corruption-related allegations. The ex-governor, who served as the state's highest official from 2010 until last January, was convicted of 11 conspiracy counts. Maureen was found guilty of obstruction of justice and conspiracy charges.

The elements of a Virginia larceny charge

Newport News residents may use terms like theft, larceny and robbery interchangeably in everyday discussions. In fact, the legal definitions of these words, which all refer to taking something that doesn't belong to you, vary significantly. The distinctions among the terms are particularly important for Virginia criminal defendants.

A larceny defense must fit the alleged crime

Theft crime charges are divided into a number of different types, all of which come with different possible consequences should conviction occur. It can be difficult to understand the variations in theft crimes, especially when some of the allegations may sound less serious than they are.

Virginia drug distribution: Legal facts and consequences

By far, the majority of charges for drug wrongdoing include the possession of drugs. According to a 2012 report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, more than 82 percent of the arrests reported dealt with drug possession, while fewer than 18 percent of arrests nationwide involved drug distribution and manufacturing.

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