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October 2014 Archives

The difference between robbery and larceny

Do you think that all charges for taking something that does not belong to you are relatively the same in Virginia? If so, and if you are facing such charges, you could be overlooking some very important distinctions. You must know exactly what the charges you are facing imply, both to make sure that they are fair and to make sure that you understand all of your legal options.

Steps toward a military divorce in Virginia

A Virginia military couple's life can be very stressful, particularly when deployment takes a service member far away for long periods. The Pentagon reported the military divorce rate was 3.5 percent in 2012, slightly lower than the 2010 civilian divorce rate. The statistics matter very little when relationship troubles become personal - the end of a marriage isn't easy for anyone.

What are per se DUI laws?

In Virginia and all other states in the country, per se DUI laws establish that a blood-alcohol concentration of .08 or higher means the person is considered intoxicated under the law. Per se laws remove any other evidence requirement for a DUI charge. No matter how sober a person acts, if they are stopped by authorities while driving and found to have a blood-alcohol content of .08 or higher, they can be charged.

Options for public and private adoptions in Virginia

Newport News individuals and couples considering parenthood options can benefit by speaking with an attorney. Virginia adoptions simultaneously may satisfy the needs and desires of several people. Family courts' greatest concerns are the best interests of children, which are carefully evaluated during the adoption process.

Defending voluntary manslaughter charges in Virginia

Homicide is a catchall term describing deaths caused by killings. A person's state of mind at the time of a homicide can have as much to do with the charges he or she faces as the case circumstances. Manslaughter is a killing that may or may not be intentional, although the crime lacks the presence of malice.

Domestic violence awareness in Virginia

October is Domestic Violence Prevention Month, and Transitions Family Violence Services in Virginia is taking one important step in preventing future domestic violence. The organization has an ongoing focus on youth, and is responding to recent celebrity and sports-related domestic violence cases by reaching out to youth who participate in athletics.

How can I protect my inheritance during a Virginia divorce?

The end of a marital relationship may not be the best time to take action to preserve assets. In fact, many Newport News residents make property protection a consideration before marriage. However, if you're already married and contemplating or working through the divorce process, hindsight isn't all that helpful - you want to know where you stand right now.

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