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December 2015 Archives

Auto-Brewery Syndrome: A new defense to drunk driving?

One of the recent news reports that has gained national attention draws attention to the way medical conditions may affect drivers on the roads. Most people know that diabetics could pass out when driving, those with epilepsy could have a seizure and other medical conditions could suddenly cause an emergency.

Guilty plea in Newport News racketeering case

While the ultimate goal of many criminal defense strategies is to see charges dismissed, that isn't always possible. When evidence or situations make it impossible for all charges to be dismissed, it might be in a person's best interest to negotiate with prosecutors through plea bargaining. A legal professional experienced in criminal defense can help you understand what the best path might be given the details of your case.

What are some domestic violence defenses?

If you're accused of being involved in a domestic violence case, it's important for you to defend yourself. This kind of charge can lead to a conviction that does hinder your life and make it more difficult to work a job or even find housing. On top of that, you could face time in prison or fines for the behaviors you're convicted of.

Drunk driving charges filed after alleged hit-and-run

Drunk driving charges can be frightening, and in a situation when you might have had a couple of drinks -- or more than a couple -- before driving, you might not act logically. When people are driving under the influence and an incident occurs, they might flee the area or drive away because they are afraid of the consequences associated with a DUI. Sometimes, fleeing the scene might result in additional consequences -- even if someone ends up having a blood alcohol level below the legal limit.

What is a defense of consent?

If you're accused of sexual assault, then the first thing you will probably want to do is to start explaining yourself. You should be careful, though, because anything you say can, and may well, be used against you. There are several good defenses for sexual assault charges that you can consider with your attorney before you ever say anything to the authorities.

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