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February 2016 Archives

Understand the laws and options pertaining to your divorce case

From the day that you decide that you are filing for a divorce or the day that you learn your now-ex has filed for a divorce through the day that the final decree is issued, you are likely going to be stressed out and worried about the future. While there really isn't anything that you can do that will fully abate those feelings and concerns, being prepared for each step in the divorce process can help you to feel a little better since you will know what to expect.

Sex offender bill reaches the Senate and House in Virginia

If you've been convicted or accused of sex offenses against children in the past, you know that it can have serious implications for your life. Not only can it be hard to get a job or difficult to mend relationships, but people can often identify you by sex offender registries and make judgments before they even know you or the facts of your case.

Do ride-sharing services help prevent drunk driving?

If there was a way to make the roads safer to make sure you're not driving drunk, that option could save lives. In Virginia, residents may be finding that there are fewer drunk drivers on the road, and that's great news. If you've ever been accused of drunk driving, you know that having an option to get home is one great way of keeping people off the roads. Having to drive while drunk is dangerous, and the accusations you have to defend against with your attorney can be devastating to your reputation. Using a ride-sharing service can give you the opportunity to get home safely when taxi services or friends aren't available to help you.

What happens in a criminal trial?

If you are facing criminal charges, there's a chance that you might experience the criminal trial process. Because facing the unknown can trigger stresses -- even above the stress you are probably already facing -- it's a good idea to ask questions about and understand what might happen during a trial. Speak with your lawyer to understand the process further, but here is a breakdown of common criminal trial practices.

Man who assisted in parental kidnapping case sent to prison

If you and the other parent of your child have a dispute about the visitation or custody rights you share, the normal way to handle this issue is to talk to your attorney and to discuss changes or how you can have a court intervene. What's not acceptable is simply fleeing with your child; doing so constitutes parental kidnapping, and it can result in serious damage to your relationships.

Is medical marijuana legal in Virginia?

Medical marijuana, which is controlled by pharmacies and ordered by prescription, is available in many states, but in Virginia, it is still not legal to have it in your possession. Even if the state does legalize marijuana, it can still be illegal to have it; federal laws still maintain that the drug is an illegal substance. Marijuana laws can be hard to understand, because it is legal in some places in the United States. In Virginia, you may still need to speak to your attorney if you're caught with the drug, since you could be facing time in jail.

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