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Child custody orders can help to provide stability for a child

Child custody matters vary greatly based on the circumstances of the parents' relationship. These matters can be handled in mature ways, but sometimes contention makes the situation tense. No matter what kind of child custody case you are facing, you have to make it a point to keep your focus on your children.

What happens when unmarried couples live together and separate?

When unmarried people live together, they begin to collect assets together, much like married couples. In most cases, these individuals aren't protected by marital laws, so there is no requirement that they split assets upon moving out or breaking up. Fortunately, these individuals can opt to create a property agreement that indicates who owns what in the case of a separation.

What is domestic violence, and what do you do if you're accused?

Domestic violence is a crime that takes place at home or against people who used to share a home with you. It's essentially a pattern of negative behaviors that a person uses to elicit control. It's possible to be falsely accused of domestic violence, particularly in volatile relationships. For instance, a single time where you yell at a partner probably wouldn't be constituted as domestic violence. However, hitting or hurting your partner would be, even if it only happened once.

Consider these points when dividing property

Generally, divorce means that you have to go through an upheaval so that you can begin life anew. As you go through the upheaval, you will have to divide the assets that you and your ex accumulated. Here are some considerations for you to think about when you are going through this process.

Man arrested with 11 pounds of marijuana in vehicle

Everyone makes mistakes, and when you're facing drug charges, it's important for you to get to speak clearly about what happened without having to face a bias. The police may not understand why you were in possession of drugs or know the story behind your arrest, so it's important that the courts hear everything you have to say.

Virginia man accused in 15-year-old sex crime

When you work at a church and are near children or even young adults, you must be particularly careful about how to talk to and address them. It's easy for younger people to make false allegations and be believed. It's important to work with another person who can witness how you interact and to be considerate of your choices. If you are charged with a crime, then you'll potentially have a witness and be able to support your defense.

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