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March 2014 Archives

Weir's husband claims wrongdoing in divorce documents

The husband of Olympic skater Johnny Weir has accused the athlete of unfairly outing him and then committing adultery during their relationship. Like many Virginia spouses, the man is irate that his husband cheated on him. He is now pursuing a divorce from the well-known athlete.

Police arrest seven, seek others, in Newport News car robberies

Involvement with individuals who are linked to crime rings can result in criminal allegations, even if you weren't directly responsible for criminal activity. When charged with theft crime as part of an overall ring, it's essential to protect your own interests and understand what legal options are open to you. Not every individual charged in such circumstances faces the same charges, and outcomes vary depending on defense strategy.

Witness lies force prosecutors to drop Virginia murder case

A prosecutor's case is only as solid as the evidence of a crime or the truthful testimony of witnesses. There's a reason people swear to tell the truth. If they're lying during a deposition or to a jury, a Newport News defendant does not receive a fair trial.

DUI defendant accused of having high levels of prescription drugs

A man accused of causing a fatal drunk driving crash in September in Virginia was found to have two prescription drugs in his system at the time of the wreck. The man, 29, caused the accident when he drifted across a grassy median on Interstate 64, crossing into the oncoming lanes. The man is facing two counts of felony aggravated involuntary manslaughter related to the DUI accident.

Man booked on drug charges an hour after release from jail

Individuals facing criminal charges in Newport News City, Virginia, have a lot of things to consider. Drug charges can be especially complicated, because the legal system uses a variety of factors to consider what charges will be filed and what consequences may be levied. From previous drug convictions to how much and what type of drug is involved, individuals should understand how each detail impacts their case in order to build the best possible defense.

Virginia appellate court says murder conviction was double jeopardy

What do you think of when you hear the term "double jeopardy?" If you're like many Americans, your first association with the term is probably the television game show "Jeopardy." In that context, double jeopardy is the round in which clue values are worth twice as much money as in the previous round.

States pushing for shift toward joint child custody after divorce

In many divorce cases, child custody is often the most contentious and emotionally charged issue. Custody decisions are supposed to be guided by the best interests of the children. But what does that mean practically? And what lengths should parents be willing to go to in order to make the situation easier on their kids?

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