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May 2014 Archives

Why Virginia lesbians choose to leave the state to have babies

Virginia laws do not permit or recognize gay marriage. Consequently, the state also bans second-parent adoptions – a way for both gay parents to secure parental rights. Without adoption, same-sex parents may be left on the sidelines with no legal connection to children they love and who love them.

Virginia student athlete confesses to felony drug charges

Being arrested and accused of a crime in Newport News can be a frightening experience, but what a defendant says and does during those unsettling moments can make or break a case. Any statements an individual makes can be used as evidence for the prosecution. Defendants mistakenly consent to police searches without a warrant.

Virginia veteran, a cancer patient, charged with DUI fatality

Newport News defendants sometimes feel criminal cases are lost before any plea is made or a trial begins. It's a good thing Virginia criminal defense lawyers don't feel that way. There is always at least one and sometimes several legal avenues an attorney can take toward acquittal or charge reduction.

'War of the Roses' takes on new meaning in divorce case

Virginia residents may have heard of the movie "The War of the Roses," but few would expect such a scandalous divorce story to play out in real life. Well, it has, and you won't believe this astounding detail: The clients' last names are actually Rose. A family feud is now being waged between a real estate mogul, his daughter and her soon-to-be ex-husband. The older man, Marshall Rose, is married to celebrity Candice Bergen. The younger couple is pursuing a divorce after separating in 2010. They had married in 1996.

Virginia news anchor sentenced for role in fraud case

You don't have to physically commit a crime to be charged with something. Knowing about a crime without reporting it or aiding in a crime in anyway can lead to misdemeanor or felony charges. For a Virginia news anchor, romantic involvement with someone accused of fraud and theft crimes resulted in court ordered restitution.

Virginia murder defendant pleads no contest before deal is set

A Newport News defendant enters a plea when formal charges are announced at an arraignment. The plea given at that time is not necessarily the final plea before a case is resolved. The plea may be changed – guilty may become not guilty, not guilty may become guilty or the defendant may choose to enter a plea of no contest.

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