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Child Abuse
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Were You Accused Of Child Abuse?

Child abuse cases can be complicated. Sometimes there is a strong connection to a family law matter, such as a child custody dispute or divorce. Being accused of abuse is serious, and it calls for a strategic response. If you have been charged with a crime related to domestic violence or harm to a child, do not talk to the police about the case until you have consulted an attorney.

If you need a mature, experienced criminal defense lawyer who can help you protect your rights, we are here to advise you. We have over 50 years of collective experience in criminal defense and understand the stress that accompanies these accusations, and we recognize that it can damage numerous aspects of your life. We are here to help you stave off that damage.

Representing Clients Accused Of Child Neglect Or Abuse

At Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, in Newport News, , Virginia, we represent clients who need effective representation in serious cases involving accusations of child abuse and neglect. We have substantial experience representing individuals charged with various crimes involving children, including:

  • Assault charges
  • Alleged endangerment or neglect of a child
  • Contributing to the delinquency of a minor
  • Indecent liberties
  • Sexual assault, abuse or molestation

As defense lawyers we first evaluate the strength of the Commonwealth’s case: “Do we believe it can prove its case, beyond all reasonable doubt, or do we think it has problems with its case?” We are especially well-equipped to do this evaluation as Noah Weisberg is a former prosecutor himself. We determine what defenses are available to our client, considering the prosecution’s evidence, and what we consider to be the reasonable likelihood of its success. Then we work with our client to determine the way ahead. If our client wants to proceed to a trial before a judge, we are here to help him or her fight that fight.

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